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VR Goggles



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You are an FBI agent and strange things are happening around you. Your memory fails you and your goal is to find out your destiny.

Get remember what you are.

Deville's case draws you into the world of mysticism and riddles.



When life is boring and the future is predictable, who can imagine that the new day will plunge you into the abyss of harem passions and intrigues?

The threads of the fate of the entire Ottoman Empire are suddenly in the hands of a young captive!  



Several people disappeared because of a mysterious book. As a forensic psychologist, I took the case, not assuming that I would be caught in a trap.


I will be able to find and personally get to know all the missing people. But the place where they are is full of mysteries and secrets. 

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Spring vacation brings you to a German private club named "Sin". You have heard about the art of shibari and bondage.


The idea of trying it excites and scares you at the same time. Are you ready to risk giving in to your fantasies and desires?



Everyone needs clues and advice.

The stars and a piece of magic are your best guides.

The Ophiuchus will compile your general and love horoscopes, treat you with fortune cookies, perform a Tarot session, and offer to pick the Rune of the Day.



Getting a new duty, Kai could not even think that his prisoner, a powerful wizard and enemy of the Empire, would become an entire universe for him.

The story of two men will fascinate with its tenderness, sensitivity and will give hope for sincere feelings.