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  • When are the new episodes coming out?
    We release new episodes every 10 to 12 days, 1 episode at a time. This gives players the opportunity to accumulate game currency for the premium choices and participate in our social group's activities. New chapters become available without updating the app. About the new app update (technical) - we will announce individually. About the details of the releases, we write in the news on our social media: telegram, instagram и Tik tok
  • Daily Reward
    You can get a daily reward using the Wheel of Fortune. The first and up to 6th try you may spin the wheel for watching ads. The 7th until the 10th spin you can try your luck for NEON. The number of spins is limited to 10 per day. Your possible reward: NEON: 1, 2, 3 , 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 FLAME: 1, 3 SLASH: 1, 3 You are guaranteed 1 FLAME for every 50th spin.
  • NEO Unlimited
    NEO Unlimited is a unique offer that gives you total freedom in-game currency. All premium choices for NEON and FLAME become free, as well as starting the chapter for FLASH is not charged. You can take advantage of NEO Unlimited either from the beginning of the chapter or you can use it in the middle of the reading. NEO Unlimited is not time-limited and is valid during the passing of one chapter, until its finish. Activation: Once you have purchased NEO Unlimited, you must activate it. Select the story whose chapter you want to play freely and click on NEO Unlimited. You will then see a confirmation if you are sure about this particular chapter you want to activate. Confirm your actions and enjoy your play! Once activated, an infinity icon will appear next to the story title, which will be an indicator of the current Unlimited. Attention. It is not possible to have more than one NEO Unlimited at a time. Use the available offer first and then re-purchase if necessary.
  • Game currency NEON, FLAME, FLASH
    There are 3 game currencies used in our visual novels. NEON is the main currency to make premium choices in stories, outfits, hairstyles, etc. You can get NEON as a daily bonus, trying your luck in the Wheel of Fortune. The number of awarded NEON is not fixed and depends on your luck, from 1 to 100 for each spin. FLAME - additional currency for a VIP scene with unique content. Such scenes are highly extended, can contain 18+ content, and have a high or maximum impact on the plot. The choices for FLAME appear once every 1 or 2 chapters, the cost of the choice is 1-2 FLAME. You can get FLAME as a daily bonus, due to the Wheel of Fortune. Plus, for every 40th spin, you're guaranteed to get 1 FLAME. FLASH is the currency for which you can start a chapter. It costs 1 FLASH to enter a chapter. A new FLASH is generated automatically every 2 hours. The maximum number of FLASH automatically generated is 3.
  • How to collect game currency?
    1) Daily reward from Wheel of Fortune, depending on your luck: from 1 to 100 NEON/1-3 FLAME/1-3 FLASH 2) Additional advertising - 5 per day. 1-4 - gives 1 Neon 5 - 2 Neons 3) +2 NEON at the end of the completed chapter. 4)+2 NEON at the end of the passed chapter for viewing ads. 5) Activities and contests in our social networks: telegram, instagram и Tik tok
  • How to reset progress?
    You can completely delete game progress and start over by resetting the story to Chapter 1. You can also restart any completed or started chapter of any season. To do this, click on the circular arrow next to the word "Unlimited" and select the option you require. To restart the required episode, click on the EPISODE line, select the required one, and then click the PLAY. The chapter you selected will start over. To restart a season, you need to click on SEASON and select the necessary one. Note that when you restart a season or episode - the gameplay in the current series will be reset. This is because your choices in each episode affect the further story line development. Premium choices made previously for NEON or FLAME remain free when the season/episode is restarted. FLASH is charged when any season or series is restarted. NEON as a reward in restarted episodes does not accrue. If you have restarted a season or episode, you cannot cancel that action.
  • The priority of choice
    Each story contains choices. Some choices change the story significantly, others slightly. You can see the priority of each choice and its influence on the story from the pop-up notification: low, medium, high, and maximum. Low priority: the choice has no effect on the future development of the plot, but it affects the current dialogue and narrative. Medium: the choice affects the amount of your character's stats: they are increased or decreased. The choice leads to different dialogue and descriptions in the current scene only. High: the choice affects the amount of your character's stats. The choice leads to different lines of dialogue in the current scene AND affects other scene in the future. Maximum: all of the listed + the choice affects the subsequent plot and scenes several times.
  • Changing a Character name
    It is not possible to change the name of a character during the game. This can only be done in season 1 of each story. This can only be done in chapter 1 season 1 of each story.
  • Device ID
    Once you download the game, your device is registered in our system and receives its unique number. You can find the line ID in the Settings section. To copy it, just click on the button "Copy" and paste it into any text editor.
  • Clear cache
    Sometimes the application data does not match the last updated data due to caching. The images may be different from the images that are currently on the server. If the images are displayed incorrectly, clearing the cache can help. In order to clear the cache, go to the game Settings and click "Clear" opposite the Memory line.
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