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What is pre-registration? 

While NeoStory: Love and Choices is not yet available to users, you can pre-register. In this case, after the official release of the game, you will receive a push notification inviting you to install it. On supported devices, the app will be installed automatically.

How to pre-register?

In order to do that, go to the official page of NeoStory: Love and Choices and click "Register". 
If you're not signed in, please provide your email address and sign in. 
Make sure that the email address is correct. 
After pre-registration, Play Market will let you know when you can install "NeoStory" on your device within 90 days. 

Pre-registration period:

From 06.10. 2022 until the official release of the application. 

Note: By registering on the pre-registration page, you agree to this agreement. 

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