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You have to marry the man you do not love, but by the will of fate, you find yourself on the Ottoman galley, in the captivity of the audacious captain. 

How will your future pan out?

Can you survive the whirlpool of harem intrigues?

What will become your ultimate goal?

Love, revenge, or power? 

Intrigue, relationships, and romance go hand in hand in this love story! 

Белый туман


You're an FBI agent, and strange things are happening around you.

Your memory seems to fail, and your mission to solve the tangle of mysteries and riddles seems impossible. 
You are immersed in the investigation of a series of violent murders and kept finding clues, but the case becomes even more confusing.

Especially when ghosts, vampires, and other mystical creatures get in the way. 
Do you think the main thing is not to go crazy?

Nope, unless you are one of them.


Whose side will you take? To be the villain or the upstanding agent?

It's up to you! 
After all, that's what interactive stories are created for!